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Achieve optimal health and performance with individualised movement, nutrition & lifestyle coaching

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Coaching that keeps you accountable so you progress towards your goals.  



Individualised mobility & strength coaching to improve your performance


Individualised nourishment and lifestyle coaching. 


Online & Outdoor Coaching

Clients are coached through the originofenergy program online. If you are local to Centennial Park Sydney Australia get coached in person

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My passion came from a desire to overcome my own health and performance challenges. With my experience of changing myself and coaching countless clients from professional athletes to the elderly, I am determined to spread the message of regenerative health to help humanity achieve optimal performance regardless of age & physical ability.

I have been evolving my approach as a  movement and lifestyle coach since 1999.

Online Program


The online program takes you through courses in each category to improve your health, movement capacity & quality of life. 




Hydration, Minerals & Supplements


Movement (Originofenergy method) 



Online Coaching

Individualised coaching is provided via assessment, program design, video and photo uploading with corrective feedback and guidance. 

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Outdoor Coaching

1hr Outdoor Semi Private Coaching Sessions (4 clients Maximum )
Monday - Saturday 6, 7, 9am

Private Coaching by Appointment


Outdoor Private Intro Session

Develop an optimal foundation using the Originofenergy training method to balance your body and map out a progressional path to your individual goals.

Mobility Warm Up

Hang Handstand Split Warm Up

Pull Push Legs 



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Outdoor coaching allows for an opportunity to connect face to face in a natural open air environment to work on progressively improving movement capacity and healthy lifestyle modification. Outdoor coaching is integrated with the online coaching, program & courses to accelerate results.  

Ongoing Individualised Movement, Nourishment & Lifestyle Coaching

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Wet Weather Training

The wet weather spot has 4 picnic tables under a steel constructed covering that offers protection against the rain and plenty of spots to suspend the training rings. Clients are notified 15 mins prior to session for the change of location in the park. 



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Regular Outdoor Training

The regular outdoor spot has 2 picnic tables on a large concrete platform with multiple spots for the training rings. There is grass hills for sled and sprint work. 

Loch Ave Centennial Park. Sydney Australia 


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If you are interested in Online, Home or Outdoor coaching and have some questions you would like to ask before you get started send me a message. 

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