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The Mobility warm up teaches you how to self assess on a daily bases so you know how to train on the day. The process of warming up will let you know what you need to work on and whether the session is recovery, maintenance or progressive. Recovery Sessions If you find tissues that are not in a state to be loaded at or above your current ability, then the session is a recovery session. Sometimes it is best to work around an injury or inflamed tissue making it a recovery session with compensation and or avoidance. You may be able to work your upper body or lower body separately avoiding the tissue that is not ready for loading. Maintenance you may feel flat and just want to maintain your current abilities not pushing it but ticking off your ability even at a sub max level of volume, intensity or both. Progression Session This is when you feel good and feel like getting that extra rep, harder version, little bit more weight, less rest, faster movement or increased time under tension (slower eccentrics) You will only know this if you check in with your body before you train. Failing to do this leads to overtraining and or undertraining.

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